Stallholder Booking Conditions

Let’s make your market day a fab one.

Have yourself a smooth-sailing market day and be freed-up to focus all your sass into having a great time.
It can be a real fizzer turning up and realising you’ve presumed something that isn’t so.

So, let’s agree on a few things.

You agree to:

To all markets, bring all your own display furnishing – rack, table, other props – because only a chair is supplied.

**If your stall is at our markets at Mathers Hall only bring standard racks – either 2x 80cm long racks or 1x up to 130cm long rack. At these markets, a stall space is 150cm long and 100cm deep **

Carefully consider your stall choice (from the floorplan) as it cannot be changed once selected.

Be sure of your stall’s dimensions and what’ll fit, and know what can and can’t be used for displaying;

Be sure of what items can and can’t be sold at these markets.

Be mindful of your fellow stallholders and their space.

Notify management asap of any out of the ordinary happenings so you can keep selling.

 Accept venue entry to Mathers Hall is from 8am and you’ll be ready to trade by 9am; venue entry to Showgrounds venue is 7.30am and trade commences at 9am; venue entry to St James Hall is 11.15am and trade commences at noon.

Arrive before 11.45am for St James Hall markets; 8.45am for Mathers Hall markets; and 8.45am for Showgrounds markets as setting up late isn’t an option.

Trade, and not start packing up, until 1pm at Mathers Hall markets and 3pm at St James Hall; and  noon for Showgrounds markets to respect late shoppers. 

Book only if your is stall covered to trade all the hours of the market.

Do your utmost to honour your booking because refunds or transfers are not guaranteed.

We offer you a maximum of 1 additional person selling kit at your stall with you. You’ll have supplied their name, mobile and email to when you’ve booked, and at 24 hours prior to market day. 

Love you to have visitors…it’s what this is all about. However, any folk visiting your stall will need to pay any applicable market entry fees. 

Keep hold of your stall and not transfer to another without prior agreement.

Honour these T&Cs and any other market requirements to ensure future bookings are not rejected.

Be courteous by notifying us in good time if you can’t come so waitlisters can have your spot.

IMPORTANT: Due to some stallholders sadly taking advantage of leaving waste such as large items we have had no choice but to amend our policy. For any such waste left at your stall we will call a cab, place your items in the cab and send the cab driver to your address. The cab fare will need to be settled by you at your end.

We’ll sort:

Marketing of this event across various platforms.

Provide you with the opportunity to select your own stall prior to market day so there’s no need to grapple for a spot on the day.

Indoor spaces at quality venues.

Answer your questions as soon as we can.

T&Cs, policies and procedures so everyone can have a fun and safe event.

Provide loads of information so you can make an inform booking.

Supply tips and hints for having a great market day; selling guides, blogs, easy stall set up etc.

Email you a Stallholder Update on event/venue-specific information a few days before the market (keep a look out).

Supply a chair per stall.

Public liability coverage.

Change space/s with mirrors.

Value-adds like coffee, food, music and other like-services whenever possible.

A fun and sassy atmosphere!


You enter and take part in this market at your own risk. We (The Preloved Clothing Market) accept no responsibility for any of your items (including but not limited to personal electronic devices, clothing, accessories and props) brought to the market.

We give no warranty as to the condition, suitability or provenance of any items purchased or sold at this market or in any way transacted in association with this market.

We accept no liability for any claim or loss resulting from any transaction taking place at, or in association with, this market, nor any loss or damage of any type suffered by any person who enters the market.

We take no responsibility for a stallholder’s turnover on market day.

We take no responsibility for a stallholder’s choice of stall placement on market day (unless management has used its discretion to rearrange a stall placement).

Individual stallholders and persons associated with them agree to indemnify The Preloved Clothing Market against any claims, loss, damages or injury to the property or person of any person in response to any claim arising from any negligence on the part of a stallholder or persons associated with them.

For your protection, please take all reasonable measures to check the condition, suitability and provenance of pieces sold or purchased at, or in association with, this market.

It is at management’s discretion to reject a booking if circumstances warrant it. If this is the case, a refund will be issued.

Refunds and transfers aren’t issued for change of mind. Stallholders should carefully consider the market location, venue and date before booking.