Stallholder Information

Stall Holder Information

Please have a read of the Terms and Conditions​ (stall holder information) to assist you to have the best possible preloved Clothing Market stall holder experience.​ On booking and paying for stall/s at this Market you are agreeing to these Stall holder Terms and Conditions.

Ask any questions you may have prior to, or on, the day. A great de-stresser is being as prepared as you can be. And, we’re here to help!

You’ll find Preloved’s 2018 Stall holder General Terms and Conditions here

We understand how it feels to be a stall holder for the first time – been there, done that! It’s daunting. So, to hopefully make things a little easier we’ve collated a Guide to Selling which lists a few pointers to help you on your way to being a fab, confident stallholder. The most important thing for Preloved is that your whole market experience is fun! ​

You’ll find Preloved’s Guide to Selling here