Frequently Asked Questions

0. What's happening with the markets during this health crisis?

In the interests of stallholder and shopper safety, this market is guided by the relevant local safety guidelines.

Information about upcoming markets will be posted on social media and on our website.

We are adhering to restricted numbers in the halls due to the physical distancing guidelines. As such, our markets will only allow a maximum of 1 stallholder per stall (unless otherwise stated), and where necessary, a one in one out policy at the door to maintain maximum numbers for shoppers in the hall.

If you’ve any questions in this regard, please get in touch.

We really look forward to welcoming you, your friends and your collections along very soon.


1. What is a booking?

During the booking process you select your own space using our ‘Select your stall’ service. Your booking gives you a stall with certain dimensions. This can vary depending on the venue. Familiarise yourself with your stall’s size before market day. Stall sizes and prices are listed in Stallholder Info.

A double stall, where offered, can’t be split across two separate places in the venue nor across two dates.

If you want to book a stall next to a friend they will need to refer to the floorplan (during the booking process) and book the next available stall number next to yours.

2. Is a rack or table supplied? Can I hire one?

No. We are only supply a chair. Racks and tables are not supplied.

No. We don’t hold stock of racks or tables for hire.

Please bring your own sturdy racks, tables and other props that fit into your stall space. You can be as creative as you like as long as it’s safe, it fits and is within our policies. If you’re unsure please ask before market day.

Displays are not permitted placed down low on rugs, picnic blankets, tarps or other floor covering – at our busy markets this is a trip hazard.

It is expected that when you book you’ve pre-planned to have what you need to display your kit, and that you know what will fit within your stall size. 

3. How do I ask a question before booking?

A number of avenues will give you answers.

Answers to most frequently asked questions are here and through our T&Cs, Stallholder Info, and Blogs.

Still not sure? Get in touch.

4. What does a stall cost?

Stalls are offered at $39 per single stall/spot (the sale of just two $20 outfits!) and $69 for a double.  Stall sizes may vary depending on the venue. Check stall sizes in Stallholder Info. You can book a single or double stall here.

5. Please explain the 'Select your stall' service

When you go to the TryBooking booking portal to book your stall, you can now select your own stall from the venue’s floorplan.

From much observation we believe that stall placement doesn’t play a big part in sales success on the day. If a stall set up is attractive and a collection is well displayed shoppers will be drawn to you.

However, if placement is important to you, we recommend you book early once a market date opens so you get the stall spot you’d like.

It is important to note:

  • The floor plan is not to scale.
  • All stalls are the same size.
  • Stall dimensions may vary from market to market so this is listed in the booking.
  • Double stalls, where offered, are twice singles (and the equivalent area if a corner).
  • There is a cap on single and double stalls available at a market.
  • Carefully consider your stall selection as it cannot be changed once paid for.
  • Your careful consideration of venue, location, site, address and date is key as refunds and transfers are not offered for change of mind.

If you have more questions please get in touch.

6. Where's my 'Market Day Stallholder Update'?

Once you’ve booked, you’ll get two emails from us.

  1. when your booking is accepted through TryBooking you’ll get a booking confirmation almost immediately;
  2. a few days before market day, you’ll get a second email updating you on important venue-specific info (this is the Market Day Stallholder Update).

If you don’t get either of these please get in touch.

If you haven’t received the Market Day Stallholder Update by 48hrs before market day please check your junk mail as it may be there, or that you have provided us with the correct email address. Otherwise, get in touch.

7. What can I sell?

You can sell quality women’s vintage, retro, designer, unique and preloved clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery, hats, scarves and so on. 

No more than 20% new with tags for a few items is okay (we’ve been there!) as long as this isn’t the majority of your collection. This must be items you’ve purchased that are no longer fit for purpose, not an on-sell of new clothes. We’re about preloved, after all!

The only new items that can be sold are your handmade jewellery and accessories that are your own label/quality designs.

Please note:

  • Discount store or cheaply manufactured clothing has little or no resale value so consider what you bring if you want a good reselling experience.
  • A stall of primarily cheap $1 – $5 items is unlikely to be offered a future spot.
  • Discounted items scrunched up on hangers or in a mishmash in baskets get very little attention at our markets. Shoppers are looking for quality bargains.
  • At our markets. shoppers are primarily looking for quality wearable adult preloved clothing so stalls that are mainly displaying accessories like handbags, jewellery and other such items don’t appear to be as successful as stalls where clothing is the main feature. Tip: balance your stall 80/20 to clothing.

You can sell men’s quality wear but let us know before market day so we can market this to shoppers as our audience seems to be predominantly women shoppers.

If you’re unsure ask before market day so you don’t risk having to return items to your car.

Get in touch

8. What can't I sell?

This is a market for preloved wearable adult clothing and accessories so items not permitted for sale are (including but not limited to):

  • children’s clothing under 13 yo (including handmade);
  • books you have authored;
  • toys or children’s items;
  • opened or unopened makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, nail polishes, face or body products;
  • underwear such as bras and knickers (bras if never worn and still with tags because you never got around to wearing are ok);
  • pierced jewellery like earrings unless handmade and never worn;
  • bric-a brac, candles, books, art, furniture (preloved or vintage), tools, household goods or home decor (soft furnishings, bedding, large or small electrical or otherwise);
  • food or drink unless it is the accepted seller van/s.

If any of these items (or similar) are noticed on a stall, we’ll ask that they be immediately removed.

9. Where to check in & find my stall?

As a stallholder, you are asked to check in at the front desk when you arrive. You’ll then be directed to your stall/s that are marked with your first name. If you can’t find it, please ask.

10. What time can I set up?

Set up is no earlier than 11.15 – and no later than 11.45am at St James Hall. Access to the venue earlier than that unlikely and at management’s discretion depending on insurance obligations.

All stalls are set on the floor plan against your choice from the ‘select your stall’ service (during the booking process) before market day so there’s no need to come early to grapple for what you consider to be ‘the best spot’.

11. What can't I use to display my kit?

Some items, from lots of experience, are not suitable and therefore no longer permitted for displaying your kit – laundry items like plastic, wood, wicker or metal airers, clothes baskets, ironing boards; nor picnic rugs, blankets or tarps;

It is expected that when you book you’ve pre-planned to have sturdy, safe and appropriate display items to display your kit. 

Still not sure? Get in touch.

12. What if I can't set up in the time given?

If you need more than the time given to set up, no matter whether it’s a single or a double, you may want to consider how much you’re bringing.

Realistically, your stall won’t sell out in one market so in your planning take some time to decide what to display on each occasion.

Once you’ve booked you’ll have access to tips on a smooth set up process.

13. What if I have more kit than fits my stall?

Assess what you’re selling and what props you’re bringing your stall’s dimensions.

Ensure your display (shared or not) remains within your space and for safety reasons isn’t overcrowded. You and your shoppers will be happier for it!

If in doubt, test your kit at home in the stall size or book another stall.

For safety, on the day, you’ll be asked to return to your car what doesn’t fit.

14. Must my stall stay open the whole market?

Yes. Once booked you commit to trade with a complete stall until the advertised market close time.

This includes not packing up or hauling kit/equipment out prior to the advertised market close time. And, not starting to pack up at 10 or 5 minutes to close ‘because it’s almost over’ or you’re ‘just getting ready’.

Shoppers expect the market to be trading fully for the hours as advertised. Often this can be the best time to make quick sales! It’s unfair to fellow stallholders, and shoppers, if you pack up early and leave the market looking semi-packed down.

Please don’t risk your future bookings being rejected.

15. Do I need to stay for the whole market?

Yes, your stall needs to be operating for the whle market. Stallholders need to be set up and ready for doors to open to the public by the advertised opening time.

If this isn’t possible, either book for another time when you can stay. Or plan to have a helper for when you’re not there.

See T&Cs for notification of co-stallholders and helpers.

16. Can I get a refund?

Choose your date well because the answer is no!

Refunds and transfers to other market dates are not offered under any circumstances*, so triple-check the date before you book. Lock the date in your diary and aim to get along to enjoy your stall!


*Unfortunately, whilst transfers were offered on occasion (in mitigating circumstances), this was misused too often for us to consider it any more.
17. Can I share my stall?

Yes, it’s fun to share! But…this policy may vary under COVID19 restrictions so check back with us.

If your name is on the booking you are the primary stallholder for insurance purposes.

  • +1 stallholder.  You are welcome to nominate up to 1 person to share your stall and sell their own kit, or to come and sit at your stall during market trading times. We will require their name, email and mobile prior to market day. We will need to check their name off our list before they can enter without paying entry fees.
  • Any other visitors to your stall will be required to pay any entry fees etc. This does not include those helping you to bump in and out if they are then leaving during market trading hours.
  • Bump in and out helpers. Market T&Cs, policies and procedures apply to all people associated with your stall.
  • It happens! A friend or family member gets excited by what your doing and wants in, and would like to sell with you after you’ve booked. That’s fine, we still need to be notified of their name, mobile and email as soon as possible and, ideally, well before market day.

Market T&Cs, policies and procedures apply equally to all people associated with your stall.

18. Can friends and family help at my stall?

Yes, it’s great to have helpers! But…this policy may vary due to COVID19 restrictions, so check back with us.

If your name is on the booking you are the primary stallholder for insurance purposes.

Please see FAQ #17

Market T&Cs, policies and procedures apply equally to all helpers and other people associated with your stall.

19. Can I give my stall to someone else?

Nope. If the booking is in your name you remain the primary stallholder.

Under some circumstances, a swap may be necessary BUT management must be notified at least 24 hours before market day.

Market T&Cs, policies and procedures apply equally to all people associated with your stall.

20. Can I transfer to another market date?

Choose your date well because the answer is no.

Refunds and transfers to other market dates are not offered under any circumstances*, so triple-check the date before you book. Lock the date in your diary and aim to get along to enjoy your stall!

*Unfortunately, whilst transfers were offered on occasion (in mitigating circumstances), this was misused too often for us to consider it any more.

See Stallholder Information for details.

21. Can I bring my pet along?

Pets are not permitted at the market (inside the venue) unless they are accompanying/service animals.

This is for health and safety reasons.

22. What if I am running late?

You can arrive up to 11.45am. After that your stall is forfeit.

Unfortunately transfers cannot be made nor stall fees refunded under these circumstances. Neighbouring stallholders will spread into the space you’ve left empty but more importantly people waitlisted for a coverted space have missed out.

Please note our mobile number and call if it’s going to be close.

23. Where can I park?

Parking spaces and bump in and bump out opportunities vary depending on the market venue.

The Stallholder Information provides general information about local parking.

Venue-specific instructions will be emailed to you prior to market day.

Bear in mind sometimes there may be meter or car parking charges which are not related to The Preloved Clothing Market market operation. Other times parking may be free.

24. What if I'm on my own and need a break?

Please take one! Enjoy the other stalls and access to coffee and food! A neighbouring stallholder will usually be more than happy to watch your stall for a little while (and you might like to reciprocate). Under these circumstances it’s a great help if your collection is labelled.

If there’s no-one to help out, please let management know and we’ll work something out.

25. Are there toilets, a change space and mirrors?

Yes, there are toilets and change spaces available for stallholders and shoppers. There are also mirrors.

It is at your discretion whether, and under what circumstances, you allow a shopper to take your items to the change space.

26. How can I promote my market day?

For a fab day, it’s best to get as many shoppers along to your stall as you can. You help enormously by marketing your day on social media, and by handing out/posting flyers at work and so on.

You can also help raise awareness about recycling and preloved (slow) fashion by posting your review of your shopping and selling experience.

Posting on Facebook:
You may be a dab hand at adding to Facebook events, but if not here’s a guide to posting into an event like The Preloved Clothing Market:

  • Head to the Preloved Clothing Market Facebook Page
  • Go to Events tab (top of page)
  • Click on the event you want
  • Click where it invites you to “Write something”
  • FB prompts you to ‘Post in Event”
  • FB offers you to post words and photos (these can be sourced from your computer or phone photos)
27. Should I label my kit? What should I price things?

It’s up to you, but it’s handy if you want to leave you stall at any time as someone helping on your stall will know what your items cost. And, if a shopper is nervous about asking a price, the labels help them.

Once you’ve booked you’ll get access to tips on selling and having a stress-free market day.

28. Do I need cash for float?

You may prefer to go cashless for safety reasons. This is a decision for you to make.

Generally, having coins and change on hand helps secure a sale if your shopper doesn’t have change. You don’t want them walking away because you can’t finalise the sale!

Having cashless apps or devices can help enormously too. Why not Google your options – they’ve come a long way and if you have a smart phone it’s easy!

29. How well can I expect to do on market day?

This is the 64 million dollar question. If you come along to have some fun and expect to make (at the very, very least) your stall costs back then that’s a good day.

How you do on market day can fluctuate from market to market and does not depend on where you are placed or how many shoppers come through the door.

The difference between a good day and a great day can be how you approach the day. Sometimes you’ll sell a handful of higher priced items, and sometimes you’ll sell a pile of lower priced items. Go with the flow! Come along with an open mind and the enthusiasm to on-sell as much as you can (even if that means negotiating or reducing your prices if you want).

A shopper may buy up your stall because they’re into your style – it only takes one! And, shoppers will be attracted to different stalls and stallholders on different days (that’s human nature).

Above all, a fun day is s successful one, so don’t give up!

30. Do I need to print out my TryBooking ticket?

No. You don’t need to provide us with your TryBooking ticket. Once you’ve booked and paid through TryBooking we have your stall details and include you in the market day floor plan.

Just turn up and state your first name…we got you!

31. Are there ATM facilities at the venue?

There are no ATM facilities at the venues. If there are ATM facilities in the local area we can direct you on the day, however, it’s best to come armed with cash as most stallholders won’t have eftpos facilities.

32. What if I have items left at the end of market day?

It is extremely rare for a stallholder to sell their whole collection on one day so don’t despair.

Four options come to mind (there are probably many more):


We will often have donation boxes available to receive your very welcomed donations of quality unwanted items.

Op Shop.

Take it along to your local Op Shop.

Ebay or Gumtree.

Sell it on.

Have another stall.

The hard prep work is behind you so if you don’t sell everything, pack it away ready to stock your next fab stall.

You’ll soon be a market pro!

Please don’t add your unwanted items to landfill!

33. What do I do with my waste at the end of market day?

Please leave your stall as you found it!

It is expected that stallholders will take all their waste with them when they leave. This includes takeaway cups and lolly wrappers through to sticky labels (stuck to the floor!), and broken hangers or racks.

Let’s keep waste to a minimum though!

34. What are market hours?

Our markets run 12-3pm on a few Saturdays through the year.

They are fun and popular so get the dates into your diary and don’t forget to get along. And, book early if you fancy being a stallholder!

35. How often are Preloved Clothing Markets run?

Our markets run on a few Saturdays through the year. They are fun and popular so if you fancy having a stall, get in early!

Subscribe to our newsletter so you’re ahead on our dates and locations.

All our markets are advertised on Facebook and other marketing material. Word of mouth (thanks to you) works brilliantly as well!

36. Other than my fab collection, what should I bring?

Bring whatever you want to create a unique stall that has your style written all over it. Just make sure it fits in your space, and is safe.

Bring change; any portable payment-accepting gadgets; something secure to hold your takings; reusable cup/mug; small mat to stand on – the floor can be cold and hard over several hours…and anything else your imagination brings to mind!

For more, read A Stress-free Market Day.

37. What if I spy something out-of-the-ordinary happening at the market?

Please let market management know asap if you feel there’s something going on at the market that might be out-of-the-ordinary.

This is what we’re there for and passing it on to us allows you to keep doing what you’re doing best…sassy selling or fun fossicking! 

38. What is the weather notification process?

We are an indoor market so market day will proceed rain, hail, snow and shine.

The exception is if the weather bureau issues extreme weather warnings as we are obliged to abide by them.

Please ensure we have your correct email address and mobile number in case we need to contact you on market day.

39. Why can't I book the stall type or market date I want?

We have limits on stall types (single and doubles) at each market. Once sold out you’ll need to try a different stall type or book another market date.

If you can’t book a market date there is one of two two things happening:

  1. The date you want is booked out – you can book another market date or go on our waitlist;
  2. The date you want hasn’t opened yet.

We apologise if you miss out on a market date – whilst our market dates are open for bookings for several weeks, we do fill up fast.

Dont miss out again. Book now!

40. I'm waitlisted - how will I hear if I've a stall?

If you are waitlisted we will be in touch if a spot becomes available.

  • An offer will be made to all on the waitlist.
  • The offer will be open for 12-24 hours depending on how close it is to market day.
  • It will be first in best dressed (excuse the pun!).
  • The first acceptance will receive the spot.

We apologise if you miss out but the nature of a waitlist is that last minute vacancies can arise suddenly and we act quickly.