Preloved for your littlies!

Preloved for your littlies!

Kids grow so fast and their interests change so quickly that, to keep up, parents are seeking more clothes and toys every few months. This adds up – taking up space and dollars. Fortunately, the trend to thrift has extended to children with a significant number (around 80%) of parents opting to supplement their children’s wardrobes and toy boxes with quality preloved clothing and toys, and up to 75% of parents getting on board to on-sell to help their and other’s pockets.

So, if you’re looking for items that need to last only a few months (like that briefly popular toy or game) you might get lucky at a thrift stall.

We’re excited to be offering, in addition to our usual preloved wearables for the grown-ups, 0-12 kid’s preloved clothing and small toys at our markets from December 2021. Our friend of the MyKids Market has hung up her shingles (her market will be sorely missed) and we’ve had so many enquiries that, with the MyKids Market blessing, we are now providing this opportunity locally in southern Tasmania.

Join with friends and bring along your baby and toddler wear, and small toys and items, like books, wooden, solid plastic and plush toys, small equipment like baby monitors and the such like. Just make sure, please, that all is clean, wiped down, not compromised with cracks or broken (or loose) bits, and are items you would confidently pass on to a friend.


In for Spring 2021: the top eight thrifted trends

In for Spring 2021: the top eight thrifted trends

Thrifting is the perfect way to be creative, by breaking out of your style comfort zone and experimenting with different looks at any budget. If it doesn’t work out, pass it on down the preloved recycle line!

Sheer dresses, shirts, skirts and more dominated the Spring/Summer 2021 runways from fashion houses like Dior, Chanel and Valentino and has filtered down to brands that are in our price range too. It’s the perfect trend for spring because it allows you to layer while still staying cool in the warm weather. Spring is the time to let go of those winter layers and experiment with your style and creativity. Whether it be a new look or cut, fun colour or a quirky print, Spring is all about having fun with what you’re wearing.

Boyfriend shirts – A button-up white shirt is, has and always will be a wardrobe staple. However, this Spring the trend will be expanding to a more oversized boyfriend shirt look to spice things up. Think stripes and bright colours with a large fit that can be worn with pants or skirts or even styles as a dress.

Say hello to statement pants. We’re not talking your average mum jeans. It’s flare pants, loud prints and wide leg pants that are going to be a main mood for this season. Say goodbye to the status quo of jeans and a nice top and get inspired by pants with a difference. Pick out some thrifted styles that you won’t mind experimenting with.

Puffy sleeves are the feminine and elegant trend that’s demanding a spot in your wardrobe this season. Puffy sleeves will be present across dresses, crop tops, blouses and cardigans. Expect to see this style in an array of variety from structured fits to more flowing designs.

2000s fashion was a big prediction for 2021 fashion, and it has not disappointed. It’s time to dust off the velour tracksuit, grab the bedazzler and put on the fade sunglasses because the 2000s are back and better than ever. It also gives you the perfect excuse to go thrifting for some fabulous style inspo!

Chunky jewellery – A trend heavily influenced by the 2000s is chunky jewellery. Including rings, necklaces and bracelets – the more jewellery you can fit on the better. If it’s large, beaded or stoned then bonus points. Beaded and pearl necklaces are having a big moment in the spotlight as well as gemstone rings.

Coloured runners – The Australian runner community is showing no signs of slowing down. Big brands are a great place to start as they have a wide range of unique and limited-edition runners that all have a variation on the still popular bright white.

Cross-body bags – This trend will hit its crescendo this Spring/Summer season. They’re the staple bag for every day whether you’re doing the grocery shopping or heading out for some dinner and drinks. The perfect style bag to wear to a thrift market because it leaves you hands-free to rummage – just bring one big enough for all your lovely loot!

So, whether it’s puff sleeves, coloured runners, chunky accessories, statement pants, boyfriend shirts or the 2000s look, it’s the time to step out of your style comfort zone and have some fun this season!

Inspired by Alexandra Hourigan article.


Are you onboard with the biggest 2020/2021 trends of vintage style and thrifting?

Are you onboard with the biggest 2020/2021 trends of vintage style and thrifting?

The biggest trends of 2020-2021 have been, and continue to be vintage fashion, reselling of clothes and thrifting. Whether or not you follow the fashion trends, Instagram posts and glossy mags, thrifting offers fun and wardrobe opportunity for any budget. Check it out, and get onboard!

Recent times have taken interest away from needing new clothes. Many fashion brands have had to halt production, and the pandemic has put off everyone’s appetites for frivolous fashion (temporarily, at least). Instead, the in-thing is keeping things simple and relaxed with loungewear and runners.

More and more people are reconsidering thrifted clothes. The stigma around them has slowly faded as more shoppers appreciate that it’s a sustainable option. You can wear preloved items without worrying about the environmental impact of clothing overproduction. And, really up there as an addictive thing, is the thrill of finding one-of-a-kinds that you can mix and match to create your own look and style.

Star power has also sparked a collective interest in preloved fashion. For example, the vintage Dior gown worn by Jennifer Aniston, the stealth vintage queen (!), to an awards event caused a 40% surge in searches for vintage dresses. And, to real royalty – when Princess Beatrice had at her royal wedding opted to wear a vintage gown from her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, down the aisle there was a 297% (!) spike in searches for vintage wedding dresses.

Star power, the window of your local op or consignment shop, or a thrifted market stall – no matter which excites you, there’s definitely a place (and now’s the time) for seeking out style inspiration without spending lots, or wasting money experimenting – on something that looked great in the moment, in the dressing room, but in reality never gets worn – someone else’s experiment can be your new unique look!

Inspired by article from Lifestyle Asia


Pop colour to pastels…let’s banish the blues!

Pop colour to pastels…let’s banish the blues!

This season let’s banish any remnants of the COVID19 unhappiness by adding some cheery (yet low cost) outfits to our lives!

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour, and after the year we’ve had we definitely need some brightness in our lives. It’s the season, and certainly the weather, to indulge brightly coloured crayon colours as perfect accessories to add to a summer black or white outfit and to really pop. A baby blue cardigan over a crisp white dress, or over a white cotton top matched with a 60’s a-line skirt is reminiscent of summers gone by. A Broderie anglaise black cotton summer dress is versatile as it can be office wear but goes on to fit the bill if you’re heading straight from your desk to drinks. Add a bright pairs of shoes for fun. A bright pink pair of heels or pumps and loud handbag with a black maxi dress really packs in a punch for your working day. Red is also a seasonal favourite, whether block colour lifted with a simple silver belt, or boho breezy styles dressed up or funky with cowboy boots and rustic leather accessories. The sky’s the limit!

If you prefer more subtle looks, create one of this season’s pastel styles by hunting down some key preloved pastel pieces, which are not only affordable but help support sustainable fashion. Pastels let you enjoy a romantic dreamy look. An outfit of pastel colours gives the sense of a camera slightly out of focus – picture yourself relaxed in the summer evening sun where everything looks glorious but has that faded quality about it. Match a baby blue or pale sage-coloured dress with a simple pair of white sandals for a fresh pastel look. Look for pale pink, blue or yellow skinny jeans and add a prairie-style billowy shirt for a very boho look.

Match summer linen to summer cotton which is beautifully cool and can be worn as a laid back, yet smart outfit while having you feel comfortable in the summer heat. To lengthen your leg add a pair of white or nude-coloured shoes to continue the illusion of never ending legs! It’s easy to underestimate a predominantly white outfit – it’s cool, crisp and smart. Accessories are your friend when you wear a one-colour palette. Add bright coloured handbags or belts, or for a seasonal impact, silver and gold accessories are brilliant (excuse the pun!).

Now that we’re lucky enough to be out and about and wearing ‘normal’ clothes, enjoy this season’s fill of styles without breaking the bank! The perfect way to create your new-to-you outfits but on a pre-Christmas and COVID19 budget is to look for preloved items. This supports the stallholders – they’re likely hoping for a few dollars to put towards their own outfits or summer outings –  it supports sustainability, small local, community business, and let’s you buy for less….what’s not to like!
Thanks to Jenna Haws 2020
Your RACT Member Discount

Your RACT Member Discount

Are you an RACT member? If you are, you can take advantage of our partnership with them. The Preloved Clothing Market is an RACT shopping and gifts rewards partner – adding to the many great ways you can save. It’s got us jumping for joy!
Book a standard single stall and receive $5 off. Simply enter the code, ‘RACT’ and your RACT member number to claim.
See their list of rewards for yourself …. RACT REWARD TIME!


It’s all about you: rework your wardrobe

It’s all about you: rework your wardrobe

Have you heard the term – curated closet? In her book, The Curated Closet, Berliner, Anuschka Rees talks about not following trends or buying into a standard list of wardrobe essentials or must-haves. Instead, it’s about creating your wardrobe to work perfectly for your style and life. Having a wardrobe that is about you and not about fast fashion or trends is a great start to a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe. The idea is that if you’re buying clothes that really are ‘you’ you’re probably going to want to keep them for years. It’s a way to break the cycle and stop buying into the ever-revolving fast fashion trends. So, rework your wardrobe to work with you not against you!


Closer to home, Maroubra-based Wendy Mak is committed to the simplification of wardrobes. In Mak’s The Capsule Wardrobe: 1000 outfits from thirty pieces, she introduces you to 30 wardrobe essentials – tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories – to create your ultimate mix-n-match wardrobe. You can find her ideas at

It’s not about not heading out on a fun shopping trip with your girlfriend or daughter – it’s great retail therapy and at times, just simply a good laugh.

The curated closet is a wardrobe that’s perfectly tailored to your unique personal style and your life. It contains everything you need to feel confident and inspired every day – no more and no less. It is not based on trends, style typologies or a one-size-fits-all list of wardrobe essentials. Your life isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so why should your closet be? Anuschka Rees

Rees says, know you colour palettes and make distinctions between accent colours versus neutrals, basics pieces, key pieces, and accent pieces. Accessorise with bangles, beads, earrings, scarves, nail polish, lipstick or even hair colour. While the goal is not to complicate, it is to help you to have a plan so you don’t waste time or money on items that stand out like the proverbial, that you might aspire to but never get the chance (or, to be honest with yourself, you feel comfortable) to wear.  By getting an idea of what colours you like and for what types of pieces, it allows for a lifetime of simplicity.  Rees explains that by zeroing in on your own unique style, you are never caught up in fashion trends. It’s great to update your wardrobe every few years, and as we all know, some things never go out of style. White t-shirts and jeans will always exist, so will basic black.  Mix things up to avoid being a carbon copy of everyone else. Enjoy running away from the pack.  It’s one less stressor in life! As Rees says, being fashionable is totally optional – you get to choose.

Mak suggests, try this – 30 pieces to create an outfit a day for 30 days. This will establish your absolute wants vs needs hanging in your cupboard and folded in your drawers. Here’s a twist on Wendy’s guide to kick you off:

5 x skirts or pants: black textured; basic black; soft pleated/tailored; white or grey; statement
2 x jeans (black and blue wash)
6 x tops: charcoal; ivory; light grey; a bold colour that suits; a standout piece; black
1 x bodysuit in a complimentary colour (amazing how versatile this can be)
1 x statement shirt
2 x camis (everyday and silky/satin)
3 x jackets or if not needed, 3 more tops or dresses: navy; black; statement
1 x black coat or waterfall cardigan
3 x bags: work; weekend; statement coloured
6 x shoes: black flats; weekend street shoes/white runners; black ankle boots; patent heels or flats; statement coloured heels or flats; print/suede heels or flats

Anuschka makes a great analogy comparing fashion to music. You wouldn’t force yourself to listen to a song because it’s in the charts and music ‘insiders’ tell you it’s popular. You listen to the music you like and enjoy. So why not do the same with clothes – buying things you like and enjoy wearing rather than what’s ‘hot right now’. There is absolutely no point in buying clothes which don’t work for your lifestyle.

Fashion is a form of art, and you want your clothes to look good, but you also need them to feel good and be practical because you spend your life in them. You have stuff to do, places to go, and people to meet. A functional wardrobe is one that supports you in all that you do, rather than making your life harder.

If you enjoy a visual guide, there are tons of curated wardrobe flowcharts to help. Find your own; one that suits you, or, venue better, create your own.

Discovering your personal style and building a versatile wardrobe will mean you always have something to wear. Your style will likely continue to change and evolve. A reworked wardrobe doesn’t restrict you, it is one which grows and evolves with you. After all, it’s all about you!

The Sustainable Edit; Anuschka Rees; and Wendy Mak