The biggest trends of 2020-2021 have been, and continue to be vintage fashion, reselling of clothes and thrifting. Whether or not you follow the fashion trends, Instagram posts and glossy mags, thrifting offers fun and wardrobe opportunity for any budget. Check it out, and get onboard!

Recent times have taken interest away from needing new clothes. Many fashion brands have had to halt production, and the pandemic has put off everyone’s appetites for frivolous fashion (temporarily, at least). Instead, the in-thing is keeping things simple and relaxed with loungewear and runners.

More and more people are reconsidering thrifted clothes. The stigma around them has slowly faded as more shoppers appreciate that it’s a sustainable option. You can wear preloved items without worrying about the environmental impact of clothing overproduction. And, really up there as an addictive thing, is the thrill of finding one-of-a-kinds that you can mix and match to create your own look and style.

Star power has also sparked a collective interest in preloved fashion. For example, the vintage Dior gown worn by Jennifer Aniston, the stealth vintage queen (!), to an awards event caused a 40% surge in searches for vintage dresses. And, to real royalty – when Princess Beatrice had at her royal wedding opted to wear a vintage gown from her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, down the aisle there was a 297% (!) spike in searches for vintage wedding dresses.

Star power, the window of your local op or consignment shop, or a thrifted market stall – no matter which excites you, there’s definitely a place (and now’s the time) for seeking out style inspiration without spending lots, or wasting money experimenting – on something that looked great in the moment, in the dressing room, but in reality never gets worn – someone else’s experiment can be your new unique look!

Inspired by article from Lifestyle Asia