The Preloved Clothing Market

Preloved is the NEW black! Preloved is a market community where you can buy and sell fab quality preowned fashion items and accessories. Preloved is passionate about inspiring you to embrace slow fashion. At Preloved, there’s no such thing as second best – we reclaim second hand as second nature. ​

Preloved is for everyone – whether you’re trying to save some dollars, mindful of the environmental impact of fast fashion, after labels at a bargain, or you’re simply after something unique or fun. All great reasons (but, then again, who needs a reason) to get hunting!

Occasionally, we host Pop-up Preloved Clothing Markets at different locations. And, sometimes we take our Piccolo Pop-Ups along to community markets. Watch out for one near you.

Preloved Clothing Markets’ home base is beachside at the Kingston Beach Hall. 

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The next Preloved Market 
is 10-2pm


16 June

Next Steps

Knee-deep in clothes that you’re unlikely to wear again, and looking for ideas on what to do next without stressing!?

Stall Holder Information 

It’s fabulous that you’re here! You’ll be joining a very friendly community of preloved clothing stall holders; get to display your preowned collection amongst approx. 48 stalls of fab slow fashion; and, enjoy an opportunity to meet hundreds of shoppers excited to view your display. 

Bookings are open for all listed dates*. Apply for your stall/s. 

We’ll then contact you about your booking, answer any questions you may have, and provide payment information so that you can lock in your booking.

So that you can get the most out your Preloved Clothing Market experience, it’s essential that you have a read of the stall holder Terms and Conditions,and Guide to Selling and ask any questions you have…there’s no such thing as a silly question!  

Apply for as many stalls as you need – single, double or triple – to create your space to display your preloved clothing collection in the best way possible. 

Absolutely no need to get worked up about setting up – the 30-minute setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Exciting! Sassy!

*We welcome waitlisting because life can get in the way, and opportunities may arise!

Market Dates 2018

​We listened, and we are delivering.
​This year, Preloved Clothing Markets are packing a fab four-hour punch on a Saturday from 10am to 2pm. And, at only $2 entry, and $20 a stall, that’s all-round value airtime, indeed! 

Add to this experience; fun music, great coffee, delicious food, a leisurely one hour bump in (to create your fab display), and one hour bump out. No pressure, no rush, no bun fight, and definitely no dull moments to be had! Plenty of time to grab your favourite coffee and sip as you shop – taking as long as you need. We’ve known some shoppers to wander around for hours, circling and doubling back, just to be sure they’ve secured as many bargains as possible! It’s absolutely slow fashion shopping at it’s best.

Introducing the Preloved Party Pack!

Get along to any three (or more) of our markets in 2018 to enter the draw to win a $50 preloved shopping voucher and a complimentary stall.

How does this work? You can enter the draw whether you’re a stall holder or a shopper, or both, on 3 or more occasions in 2018, AND have registered yourself at the welcome desk on arrival, or by default on booking, paying for and attending a market stall. It is your responsibility to ensure we know you’ve been along each of the three times! And, we’ll keep that record in a safe place!

The winner will be notified by email so please make sure we know it!

Good Luck!

Preloved for Him

The interest in preloved menswear is on the rise. After all, why wouldn’t men want to be in on the secret we women have known for quite some time…that there are some fab quality preloved finds (at a bargain) to be had!

We are seeing a bit of menswear and would love much more. At a recent market, a fellow said ‘you’re the only one with items for men, that’s crazy!’ So please, bring gear for him along when you’re having a stall. 

We are seeking your help to up the ante on getting it out there so that your man can come along and have some fun preloved clothing shopping too (rather than looking a bit forlorn traipsing behind you). It’ll also free you up to get down to some serious hunting! 

Preloved Uniform Market​ January 2019

We are always seeking your help. If you can’t get along and would prefer to donate uniform items, we’ll gladly take them off your hands to pass along to others who’ll be thrilled.

The next uniform market is on Saturday 12 January, 2019, 10-2pm 

We welcome you displaying any and all preloved school uniforms, bags, shoes, and school books.
​​Cost to display your items for sale is $2-5 per seller depending on the amount of items.
Discount for a group table of 4 sellers or more $15.​​
Secure your spot or ask questions about getting involved by emailing us
So we can let buyers know what to come look for, we’ll want to know ahead of the market which school uniforms you’ll be bringing. 
Turn up with your items for sale from 9-9.45am for set up.  

​Prospective Sellers – it is important that you please read the Terms and Conditions

For more information about how this works, and with any queries about displaying your items, contact

To shop – entry to the marketplace is $2.

Sustainability sass at its best!

Want to know more about Preloved?

​Have a question? ​Please email us.

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