This season let’s banish any remnants of the COVID19 unhappiness by adding some cheery (yet low cost) outfits to our lives!

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour, and after the year we’ve had we definitely need some brightness in our lives. It’s the season, and certainly the weather, to indulge brightly coloured crayon colours as perfect accessories to add to a summer black or white outfit and to really pop. A baby blue cardigan over a crisp white dress, or over a white cotton top matched with a 60’s a-line skirt is reminiscent of summers gone by. A Broderie anglaise black cotton summer dress is versatile as it can be office wear but goes on to fit the bill if you’re heading straight from your desk to drinks. Add a bright pairs of shoes for fun. A bright pink pair of heels or pumps and loud handbag with a black maxi dress really packs in a punch for your working day. Red is also a seasonal favourite, whether block colour lifted with a simple silver belt, or boho breezy styles dressed up or funky with cowboy boots and rustic leather accessories. The sky’s the limit!

If you prefer more subtle looks, create one of this season’s pastel styles by hunting down some key preloved pastel pieces, which are not only affordable but help support sustainable fashion. Pastels let you enjoy a romantic dreamy look. An outfit of pastel colours gives the sense of a camera slightly out of focus – picture yourself relaxed in the summer evening sun where everything looks glorious but has that faded quality about it. Match a baby blue or pale sage-coloured dress with a simple pair of white sandals for a fresh pastel look. Look for pale pink, blue or yellow skinny jeans and add a prairie-style billowy shirt for a very boho look.

Match summer linen to summer cotton which is beautifully cool and can be worn as a laid back, yet smart outfit while having you feel comfortable in the summer heat. To lengthen your leg add a pair of white or nude-coloured shoes to continue the illusion of never ending legs! It’s easy to underestimate a predominantly white outfit – it’s cool, crisp and smart. Accessories are your friend when you wear a one-colour palette. Add bright coloured handbags or belts, or for a seasonal impact, silver and gold accessories are brilliant (excuse the pun!).

Now that we’re lucky enough to be out and about and wearing ‘normal’ clothes, enjoy this season’s fill of styles without breaking the bank! The perfect way to create your new-to-you outfits but on a pre-Christmas and COVID19 budget is to look for preloved items. This supports the stallholders – they’re likely hoping for a few dollars to put towards their own outfits or summer outings –  it supports sustainability, small local, community business, and let’s you buy for less….what’s not to like!
Thanks to Jenna Haws 2020