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The summer 2019 colours have pastels making a recurrence, along with rich, warm shades that are also a little autumnal. Mango Mojito, Toffee, and some darker greens like Terrarium Moss and Pepper Stem give those autumn vibes. The most definitive of the summer 2019 runway colours is yellow, which shows up in the form of Aspen Gold, Pastel Yellow, Turmeric, and Lemon Verbena. The other colour palettes that stand out include shades of pink, particularly loud magenta of Pink Peacock, and some blues like dark Eclipse, airy Clearwater Blue, and royal Princess Blue. See below for the top summer 2019 colours, including Pantone spring 2019 colour ways and other favourite shades that you’ll likely see out and about. What goes around, comes around; many are reminiscent of the retro era, so preloved clothing hunters will be in heaven!

#1. Powdery Ballet Pink

Blush rose, powdery ballet pink colour is so versatile and perfect to pair with all the other colours on this list. From outerwear options to princess-worthy evening dresses to elegant separates, this nude-toned blush was all over the place. More down-to-earth and elegant is the powdery ballet pink used for office-ready two-piece comprised of loose-fitting tailored pants,

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Powdery Ballet Pink

#2. Pressed Rose

Light as air, and princessy to the core, Pressed Rose is the colour that encompasses femininity. This precious pastel pink holds just a touch of warmth especially when compared to Sweet Lilac.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pressed Rose

#3. Sweet Lilac

This baby pink has just a touch of lavender, making it one of the cool color options. It is a gentle color that is feminine but not sickly sweet. Designers this season used it in both sleek, minimalist designs and in some girlish creations.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Sweet Lilac

#4. Light Lavender

Lavender is a cool shade that works well with softer yellows, as well as with a deep neutral like Eclipse or Brown Granite. This soft shade showed up most beautifully in a wrap dress presented by Kate Spade New York, where it was paired with matching boots and a headdress. Femininity on display.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Lavender

#5. Living Coral

This bright coral sits perfectly between orange and pink, and brightens up every ensemble.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Living Coral

#6. Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is an intense magenta that cannot be ignored. It is one of the most striking seasonal colours – a shade so noticeable that few would dare wear it alone. Instead, it can be mixed with neutrals and turned into a work-appropriate option, or mixed with some warm shades like Turmeric or Aspen Gold for that perfect colour blocked outfit.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pink Peacock

#7. Fiesta

Fiesta more than earns the title of the red of the season. This is a true, summery red with warmer undertones and a lot of fire. It is a passionate, exciting colour trend that truly shined whether in evening wear, casual wear, or lingerie.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Fiesta Red

#8. Jester Red

Despite its name, Jester Red is not a colour to joke about. It is a deep, intense red just a few hues shy of a burgundy. It does well mixed with both the warm and cool colour, but it is the most remarkable when worn on its own.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Jester Red

#9. Turmeric

The eponymous spice is having a moment right now, since it is known for having serious health benefits. If you’re not planning to be chugging turmeric lattes or doing turmeric-yogurt face masks, perhaps you can absorb some of these benefits by wearing Turmeric as one of your summer colours. It is a yellow-orange shade that is hard to miss, and pairs especially well with browns, reds, and even blues.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Turmeric

#10. Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow

Take Lemon Verbena, add a splash of cream, and you end up with the loveliest shade of pastel yellow. This gorgeous egg yolk shade pairs well with other pastels, for the perfect daytime look.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Yellow

#11. Lemon Verbena

Yellows were some of the trendiest summer 2019 colour, with Lemon Verbena being one of the softest of the bunch. It is cheerful, lemony, and delicious. It is a shade of yellow that pairs especially well with some of the blues and pastels.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Lemon Verbena

#12. Aspen Gold

Compared to Lemon Verbena, Aspen Gold is a slightly deeper yellow with just the barest hint of orange. It is more balanced, and might go better with reddish shades like coral or fiesta. Despite this, it is still an undeniably sunny colour that deserves its place in your wardrobe (in some way).

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Aspen Gold

#13. Mango Mojito

This is quite autumnal. It paired well with reds, greens, and corals, for astounding effects.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Mango Mojito

#14. Terrarium Moss

Moss green is a natural, lush shade that brings to mind cool forests and snaking vines. It pairs well with all of the florals and flowery shades of this season.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Terrarium Moss Green

#15. Pepper Stem

Pepper Stem is Terrarium Moss’ lighter, warmer sibling. Despite that, it is still a subdued and natural shade. It radiates health, and suggests renewal.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pepper Stem Green

#16. Neon Green

In a season of soft naturals and pastels, neon green shouts and screams demanding to be heard. All kinds of neons are ‘in’, particularly inspired by an Eighties punk sensibility. Outrageous, difficult, and in your face, neon green is definitely the loudest of the spring 2019 colours.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Neon Green

#17. Clearwater Blue

Most of the pastels in the summer 2019 colours were variations on pink and purple, but clearwater blue was extremely prominent. Blue is already a soothing shade, but its pastel iteration is doubly so, evoking a sense of cheerful calm.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Blue

#18. Princess Blue

Blue is a colour associated with calm, confident luxury, and Princess Blue is its gleaming, vivacious yet still deep iteration. It is one of a few cool tones, but its magnificence made it work. Turmeric and Mango Mojito are two shades that complement it well, and keep things bright for spring.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Princess Blue

#19. Silver

A standout from all of the summer 2019 colour trends is silver – the only metallic on this year’s list, with a very well deserved spot. Silver is a colour that is simultaneously luxurious yet fierce, futuristic yet historical, and indeed, on the runways we saw it in every one of these iterations.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Metallic Silver

#20. Toffee

Toffee is warm and delicious, and it complements most skin tones beautifully. Paired with the warmer reds and yellows, it would achieve an autumnal effect that was oddly in season, but it could also look classic in an analogue combination with Soybean.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Toffee

#21. Brown Granite

Brown granite is a cool brown shade that works beautifully in almost any colour palette. This colour is grounded and serious, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from punching it up with some of the other summer colours. It is a timeless and sophisticated choice that would do well in anyone’s wardrobe.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Brown Granite

#22. Eclipse

This navy blue gets as close as possible to black territory, without ever fully giving up on its blue nature. It is a dark and mysterious spring 2019 colour that acts as a more mystical counterpart to a grounded shade like Brown Granite.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Eclipse

#23. Sweet Corn

This shade is a buttery off-white that worked delightfully as part of this season’s trends, giving balance to some intense springtime brights and working well with the feminine romance of the season. It pairs well with many of the season’s colours especially Living Coral.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Sweet Corn

#24. Creamy Tan

The summer 2019 colour ways are all about the different shades of creamy tan and beige. Better wear the colour from head to toe as it’s to be the most elegant of shades.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Creamy Tan

#25. Soybean

Soybean is a reliable neutral that feels natural yet sophisticated. It works just as well in a boho-chic outfit as it does in a sleek suit. With trench coats one of the go-to jackets for spring, Soybean was a shoo-in as one of THE spring colours.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Soybean