Who says PJs are just for bed or at home? Sleepwear in public has become a major trend, but not just any pajamas – dressing up silky and striped pieces with luxe pieces like heels, lacy bralettes and dainty accessories is pretty sassy. Or for a more casual look – funky Peter Alexander PJ drop-crotch or harem style bottoms with singlets, and T-shirt dresses with crisp white runners. Don’t be shy, get yourself some major comfy-chic inspiration!

How on earth do you pull off wearing your sleepwear outside you ask? Simple! Act like it’s not sleepwear, and that it was made to be worn out. These days you could wear a fluffy robe outside and no one is really going to notice. Okay…maybe if the fluffy robe is baby blue with teddy bears on it, you’ll get a couple of weird looks, so the trick is to select well.

pjs in public

Styling sleepwear is all about seeing them as separates, not as a set. Seeing your sleepwear as separates will help make them blend effortlessly into your outfit. Style the silk camisole with a pair of black skinny jeans and leather jacket for a casual-girl (just-threw-this-on) vibe, or style silky shorts with a crisp white shirt and linen or denim jacket to extend your capsule wardrobe. Or, why not get creative with layering and textures of fabrics to create new looks. Warning for the uninitiated (!), some pieces really do look like pj’s.

There is no point trying to make your Peter Alexander cloud pj’s look cool for outside wear… it just isn’t going to cut it. Focus on purchasing pieces in silks or slinky fabrics (instead of flannelette) as these fabrics look less homely and more luxe. Also, consider the colours you’re purchasing too as it’s probably best to leave the cute heart or Disney printed sets for home. Ideally, aim for simple colour schemes that you can work into your everyday outfits.

Accessorising will help turn your outfit into something more stylish, and less sleepwear – get creative with bold accessories. Think gold and silver hardware, rugged leather jackets and funky footwear like heels, boots, runners, and so on. Once you’ve styled the outfit with the right accessories, you’ll feel confident and that’ll show. Now, stride it out in your fab sleepwear like it’s the most natural thing in the world and no-one will dare ask!

Tweaked from original article by twiceblessed.com.au