You can rethink, restyle, rehome and revamp (or re…whatever you like) by applying a little change it up sass with these fab four tips.

Avoid becoming a weapon of mass consumption
Shop slow and consider buying someone else’s former favourites first before rushing out to the high street stores.

Consider the clothes you’ve already got that give you joy (they’re your keepers)
On average, we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. If you have 100 garments averaging $50 each, then that’s around $5,000 worth of clothes and accessories that rarely get airplay. And that can be swished through the preloved clothing community to fund your new styles.

Recreate your wardrobe – think capsule
Nine pieces of co-ordinated garments will give you around 20 outfits, says Peta Stephenson of Dress Code. Add three more pieces and you can make 40 or more combinations. Thinking about your wardrobe in terms of the different capsules you can create has many advantages: it makes getting dressed in the morning easier, simplifies packing for a trip, and helps you build (or rebuild) your fab wardrobe within a reasonable budget.

Resist ad hoc buys that won’t go with anything
Before you buy, think of at least five other garments at home that your new additions will co-ordinate with.