Clothing Market

Slow Fashion Stuff

Going naked is your most sustainable clothing option but slow fashion isn’t about buying nothing, it’s an alternative approach to fast fashion.

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The Shopper

If you’re looking to shop at this fab secondhand clothing market you’ll want dates and venue information.

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The Stallholder

Have yourself a smooth-sailing market day and be freed-up to focus all your sass into having a great time.

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Next Markets

Saturday 28 November  12-3
St James Hall  460 Eliz. St New Town


Sunday 13 December  9-1
Mathers Hall 108 Bathurst St City
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COVID and Preloved Clothing
What’s what?

Get the facts
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The 2020 reset

What the industry needed
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Come have some fun!

Welcome to a fun community that embraces the slow fashion way of life. People’s stories and tips to retail-therapy, without the negative impact on your purse and planet, is what we love to share. Our Saturday and Sunday markets are a fab few hours of preloved perfection punch. We’re the only local preloved clothing market that’s purely preloved wearables. No paraphernalia, no distractions! Check the dates of upcoming markets, get them into your diary, and whichever day you choose, it’s where you can have a laugh, grab a coffee, tap to some boppy tunes and make new connections.

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As a regular visitor to your market, today was the first time time at [your new venue]. I was really surprised. It was warm and welcoming and a fantastic array of clothing. The aroma of fresh coffee and great music just topped it off. Well done!!!!!


Thanks, Amal for getting me motivated to make space and cleanse my cupboard of those pieces I might wear one day. Amal’s professionalism and organisation were great. Made enough to pay for a very special treat!


Thank you so very much for this wonderful market. Visiting a beautiful market like this tickles the imagination to put together a fab outfit.


Thank you for running such a great event and being so professional. The service I received was excellent and it was a fun day to be part of!


I absolutely love it! …a great atmosphere and a hall full of interesting great quality clothes. As a stallholder I find the set up and pack down easy and the organiser super helpful. Highly recommend.

Shopper & Stallholder

This is just a fabulous market. The current fashion industry disillusions me, so to find beautiful, well made clothes is a joy.